Best Bitcoin Exchanges of 2019

A lot of you are wondering about the different rates of variable cryptocurrencies and bitcoin-like currencies in the world. You may also be thinking of how they can fare with actual and centralized currencies of the world. And you want to buy and sell these online currencies. For this, you can use certain exchanges that are available online, which will help work out these rates exceptionally well and where you could also do your make or buy decisions. It is the case here that we are going to discuss some of the exceptional ones which are out in the cyber wild and are there to help you. 


First off is Coinbase. It is an extremely well-built and one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges out there. This broker can deal with different ones. These can be bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin and many more. For the convenience of many of its users, it is available in different countries around the world. These countries include Australia, Canada and the USA, which are one of the biggest markets of bitcoin. 

As with many exchanges, it has its pros and cons. The pros are these: It has high liquidity and buying limits. It is newcomer friendly and through a debit, you can avail the Instant Payment function. Cons are these: It will be tracking you and your coin’s whereabouts. The payment has to be made through a bank transfer.


It is the world’s largest exchange. Its sheer volume of coin exchanges suppresses every other type of exchange entities in the industry. The best proof using this one the Binance Mobile App, which makes checking rates and buying or selling portable and easier than expected. This one is available in multiple languages and at the same time is also available for free. Additionally, most of its trading fees are around 0.05%. 


Based in San Francisco, this one is also one of the largest of bitcoin exchanges in the world. It has a lot of pros attached to it. Verification only takes 1 to 2 days and the exchange is open for everybody around the world. Funding can be done with various actual currencies (also called fiat). The greatest con of using this one is that money transfer can take a lot of time than what is expected from an exchange. In that sense, if you do not mind waiting for a bit to trade, this one is the best choice. 


It is also one of those greats. There are a couple of reasons which brings this one to the list. First of all, they offer an app, which is available on all the popular platforms. These are its other features: Sub-accounts, SMS price alerts, High security and 8% fees for credit card purchasing. Bank transfers usually take from 2 to 5 days while SEPA transfers take 1 to 3 working days. Because its complex interface will show complex data, it is usually reserved for advanced users.